The GrayDHD Drinking Game

Welcome to my somewhat unconventional journey through adulthood, peppered with the kind of ADHD moments that make you go, “Aha!” So, grab your favorite beverage (I would recommend coffee, the adulting juice, but you’d never sleep, so maybe try water?), and let’s dive into the delightful chaos that has been my life. Every ADHD moment you spot is a reminder to take a drink — and that life is never dull!

Chatterbox Kid Turned Chatty Adult

It all started in a kindergarten class in New Jersey. I was the kid who couldn’t stop talking, labeled with ‘diarrhea of the mouth.’ Little did I know, this was my first unofficial badge in the world of ADHD. Fast forward a few decades, and yes, I’m still the one public speaking both in meatspace an (of course) on podcasts, much to everyone’s amusement (or dismay?).

The Reading Rebel in the Classroom

School days were a juggling act between being an avid reader and a somewhat attentive student. Books were my escape from the humdrum of regular classes. My teachers called it a distraction, I called it multitasking. Turns out, it was ADHD doing its thing.

Home Life: A Series of Forgotten Chores

Chores and I did not get along. It was that whole “attention to detail” thing. Sweep the stairs? Sure, I will – most of them, anyway. Do the laundry? I did! Except I might forget to move them from the washer to the dryer…for a few days. My parents’ attempts to instill responsibility were met with my brain’s unique approach to remembering tasks. It’s not just forgetfulness; it’s the ADHD brain’s creative way of prioritizing (or not).

The Procrastinating Potential in High School

Oh, the high school years! A time when potential was my middle name, and procrastination was my game. Teachers saw a bright student who just needed to ‘apply himself.’ I saw a bunch of homework that paled in comparison to the more exciting things in life, especially after realizing how fun “study dates” could be. Spoiler alert: That was ADHD in stealth mode, and once it discovered the dopamine-mine that is sex, my grades were never the same.

Juggling: More Than Just a Party Trick

Juggling wasn’t just a quirky hobby I found at age 14; I believe, in hindsight, it was a necessity. It kept my hands busy and my mind at peace – a perfect antidote to the ADHD restlessness. And let’s not forget the sweet tooth that often accompanied my “study sessions”. Donuts, ice cream, and juggling balls – the unsung heroes of my ADHD journey.

A Career Path Less Traveled

From the heat of 29 Palms as a U.S. Marine to the grill of a Denny’s kitchen as a short-order cook to the spotlight of adult sex education conferences, my career path has been anything but ordinary. These weren’t just random choices; they were the result of an ADHD brain seeking new and stimulating experiences at every turn.

Embracing the ADHD Diagnosis

It took a while, but the realization finally hit – all these quirks and unique choices were the workings of an ADHD mind. Understanding this has been like getting a manual to my brain, albeit a few decades late.

So, there you have it – my not-so-linear path through the maze of adult ADHD. If you’ve managed to keep up then congrats! You’re well-hydrated, and I salute your adulting skills. Here’s to embracing the chaos and finding the humor in life’s unexpected ADHD moments. Keep tuning in for more tales and insights from an adult who’s just figuring out the neurodivergent life.

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